Exhibitor and Sponsor Policy

This policy applies to any exhibitor (Exhibitor) applying to enter into an exhibit space contract, and/or any organization (Sponsor) proposing to enter into a sponsor contract with the Texas Municipal League (TML) for the 2024 TML Annual Conference and Exhibition, October 9 – 11, at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston (Conference), and this policy is incorporated into any resulting contract accepted by TML.

We appreciate our exhibitors and sponsors!
This participation policy establishes clear expectations and creates an inviting and engaging show for our attendees.

Please review the entire policy thoroughly and pay special attention to these important rules for participation:
  1. TML strictly enforces our Exhibitor schedule, set up times, breakdown times, and all rules relating to arriving and setting up exhibit space, staffing exhibit space, and staying for the duration of the show. Exhibitor will review these expectations and plan accordingly BEFORE reserving exhibit space.
  2. Exhibitor fully acknowledges that Exhibitor will set up on time and will not dismantle early.
  3. Exhibitor will reserve adequate exhibit space for their display, materials, and storage.
  4. It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to outfit their exhibit space with carpet/approved flooring, furnishings, electricity, internet, and any other décor or utilities.
  5. Exhibitor will review booth assignment as soon as possible, as well as the surrounding area adjacent to their booth, and notify TML immediately with questions, concerns, or conflicts. Exhibitor will review assignment again 30 days prior to the Conference, as changes to the floor plan, neighboring exhibitors, etc. are not uncommon.
  6. TML will send a monthly Exhibitor Bulletin email with important updates, reminders, deadlines, and alerts. Exhibitor will designate the best contact(s) to receive this information and will view the Bulletin each month.

Exhibit Space Reservation and Assignment
  • Efforts will be made to assign exhibit space according to Exhibitor’s preference; however, no guarantee is made by TML that Exhibitor preference will be met.
  • All Exhibitor applications will be processed in the order in which they are received with the exception of sponsorships that include prime exhibit space placement.
  • Exhibitors reserving by June 28 will be notified of official exhibit space assignment, or application decline, no less than 80 calendar days before the Conference.
  • Exhibitor will thoroughly review exhibit space assignment and notify TML of questions or concerns no less than 60 calendar days before the Conference.
  • TML will provide exhibit space to Exhibitor as indicated on the official floor plan, but reserves the right to make any changes in the interest of any Exhibitor, Sponsor, or TML.
Exhibit Space
  • Each exhibit space originally measures 10′ across the front and 10′ deep. Multiple 10’ x 10’ exhibit spaces can be combined by TML upon request to extend exhibit space.
  • Exhibitor will not sublet or apportion any part of exhibit space to promote any products or services other than those provided or sold in the normal course of Exhibitor’s business.
  • TML will provide, in the show colors selected by TML:
    • 8’ tall wall drape for backside of exhibit space
    • 3’ tall side partition for side(s) of exhibit space
    • (End cap and peninsula exhibit spaces include backside wall drape only. Island exhibit spaces do not include drape or partitions.)
  • Exhibitor space DOES NOT include carpeting/surfacing, furnishings, utilities, or wifi. Carpeting or approved surfacing IS REQUIRED for all exhibit spaces with the exception of display vehicles/large equipment (weighing more than 2,000 lbs.).
  • Carpeting or approved surfacing must cover the exact dimensions of exhibit space (standard exhibit space size is 10’ x 10’). Exhibitor must make arrangements to meet these requirements or can order services through TML’s official service contractor.
  • If arrangements to meet this requirement have not been made by the cutoff time of 10: 00 a.m., Wednesday, October 9, standard carpeting will be applied to the booth or display space at
    Exhibitor’s expense.
  • Furniture, carpeting/surfacing, utilities, wifi, audio/visual, décor, catering, and complete display services options will be provided to Exhibitor no less than 60 calendar days before the Conference.
  • Wi-Fi is NOT included in the Exhibit Hall. Exhibitor will be provided with options to purchase internet or Wi-Fi services.
  • TML is not responsible for any of Exhibitor’s costs. Exhibitor bears all responsibility for any costs it undertakes to comply with this Contract.
Display Limitations and Guidelines
  • Exhibitor will arrange exhibit space so as not to obstruct the general view or hide the exhibits of others.
  • With the exception of island exhibit spaces, displays or furnishings between the backside exhibit space wall and the front entry of the exhibit space may not extend above 4′ in height.
  • Booth displays should be placed towards the back of the booth and shall not extend above 8’ in height.
  • Suspended signage is permitted ONLY for island exhibit spaces 20’ x 20’ or larger, and must be arranged through TML.
  • Product demonstrations, audio/visual effects, interviews, distributions of literature, etc., are permitted only within the confines of the Exhibitor’s exhibit space and should not interfere with other exhibitors.
  • NO display or advertising materials will be permitted to extend beyond the exhibit space without prior approval by TML.
  • Exhibitor may store limited supplies within their assigned exhibit space. These items should not impede access to utilities, create a safety problem, or look unsightly.
  • Display of vehicles requires the approval of TML.
  • Any food or beverages served from the exhibit space must be ordered and approved by the official caterer of the George R. Brown Convention Center.
  • No part of the exhibit hall, convention center, or exhibit space shall be defaced in any manner.
  • Helium balloons are not allowed in the facility.
  • Service animals are the only animals allowed in the exhibit hall and convention center unless special arrangements have been made through TML.
Exhibitor Conduct
  • TML reserves the right to exclude from Conference participation, without any refund or reimbursement, any Exhibitor/Sponsor who behaves contentiously or inappropriately, violates the law or this policy, misrepresents products or services, or otherwise brings discredit upon the Conference, TML, or TML staff.
  • Meetings, presentations, social functions, or demonstrations held by Exhibitor/Sponsor taking place outside of Exhibitor’s exhibit space or Sponsor agreement, must not conflict with exhibit hall hours or the Conference program unless approved by TML.
  • The distribution, sale, or serving of alcohol during the hours of the conference program agenda anywhere in the exhibit hall or convention center premises, is strictly prohibited.
  • Any prize or giveaway containing alcohol must remain sealed while on the convention center premises and is strictly prohibited from being consumed on property.
  • Sales transactions may NOT take place in the exhibit hall or sponsored areas. Any invasive sales tactics or similar behavior towards attendees is prohibited and may result in Exhibitor/Sponsor being escorted off of the premises.
  • Political campaigning or other political activity may NOT take place in the exhibit hall or sponsored areas. State agencies are permitted to exhibit and sponsor only in their official capacity and may NOT campaign on behalf of an individual or political party.
  • TML DOES NOT permit non-exhibitors or non-sponsors to canvass, solicit, hold meetings, or distribute literature or any other promotional devices during the Conference.
  • In the event that TML is contacted by a conference convention center, hotel, restaurant, or other venue requesting approval to rent or release event space to a specific entity, TML will require that the company be in good standing for at least TWO of the following: current exhibitor, current associate member, current sponsor. Only companies that meet at least two of these criteria will be considered for approval by TML.
Prizes and Giveaways
  • Exhibitor/Sponsor may only provide prizes or gifts in accordance with state law and the terms of this Contract. In no event should the value of a prize or gift exceed a $50 fair-market value. No cash or cash equivalents can be offered or provided to city officials, public officials or employees. View full explanation of the Texas law here.
Move-In and Installation

Review closely! TML will not tolerate late arrivals, unoccupied exhibit spaces, or early dismantle.

  • No installing, dismantling, rearranging, repairing, servicing, removing, or supplementing of exhibit spaces will be permitted during the open exhibit hall hours without the permission of TML.
  • Exhibitor understands that late arrival, unoccupied exhibit spaces, or early dismantle may result in fines and could adversely affect the Conference and TML’s consideration of Exhibitor’s participation the following year.
  • No one under the age of 18 is permitted in the Exhibit Hall during installation or dismantlement.
  • Exhibitor shall move-in by Tuesday, October 8, 5:00 p.m. CST.
  • All exhibit spaces and displays must be completed and ready for review by TML no later than Wednesday, October 9, 10:00 a.m. CST.
  • Exhibitor fully acknowledges this schedule and agrees to arrive and move in by Tuesday, October 8, 5:00 p.m., be completely set up by Wednesday, October 9, 10:00 a.m., and not dismantle or move out or leave before 10am on Friday, October 11.
  • Exhibitor may not use escalators or passenger elevators to transport freight into or out of the convention center.
  • Personal vehicles are allowed in the loading dock area during installation and dismantlement for unloading/loading purposes only. Loading dock parking is strictly limited to 15 minutes.
  • Incomplete or unoccupied exhibit spaces for which no special arrangements have been made before 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, October 9, may be resold or reassigned by TML without any obligation on the part of TML for any refund whatsoever. Additionally, a no-show fee of up to $950 may be applied and Exhibitor will incur any additional costs associated with removal of freight and/or outfitting of abandoned exhibit space
Dismantlement and Move Out
  • Exhibitors dismantling or abandoning exhibit space early, without express written permission from TML will be assessed a fee of up to $750. TML reserves the right to adversely consider Exhibitor’s record of non-performance for future TML events.
  • If TML is charged a fee by the convention center or service contractor because Exhibitor/Sponsor caused damage or did not properly remove material after the Conference, that fee will be passed on to Exhibitor/Sponsor.
The property of each Exhibitor shall be at all times the responsibility of each Exhibitor.​
  • Exhibitor/Sponsor is responsible for making provisions to insure and safeguard their materials, equipment, displays, and persons at all times.
  • TML is not responsible for any Exhibitor/Sponsor property lost, stolen, or damaged before, during, or after the Conference.
  • TML will lock the exhibit hall doors after hours and provide security service in the exhibit hall throughout the installation, show hours, and dismantling period.
Exhibitor Primary Contact
  • Exhibitor/Sponsor will designate a primary contact for TML purposes-only, including exhibit space assignment, application questions, event updates, deadline reminders, billing, listing approval, etc.
  • TML may provide primary contact’s information to approved contractors appointed by TML to assist with event logistics.
While TML works to ensure primary contact information is not accessible to non-approved entities, Exhibitor/Sponsor could be contacted via email or phone by individuals falsely claiming to represent TML. This is especially true for Conference hotel rooms and attendee contact lists. Exhibitor/Sponsor should contact TML with any concerns about an entity’s authenticity.
Exhibit Space Staffing
  • Exhibitor agrees to provide at least one representative for the exhibit space to be present throughout ALL show hours as listed in the exhibitor schedule, and understands that unoccupied exhibit spaces could adversely affect the Conference, and TML’s consideration of Exhibitor or Sponsor’s participation the following year.
  • Exhibitor must assign exhibit space personnel through the Exhibitor dashboard no later than 5 calendar days before the Conference.
  • Exhibit spaces less than 20’ x 20’ include six (6) exhibitor badges. Exhibit spaces 20’ x 20’ and larger include eight (8) exhibitor badges. Additional badges will be available for purchase through the Exhibitor’s dashboard account.
  • Exhibitor/Sponsor company name and website are required to apply for exhibit space or sponsorship.
  • Exhibitor/Sponsor must complete an online listing for the online TML Municipal Marketplace (directory of exhibitors and sponsors) including service description and service category selection by the deadline provided, or TML will provide one at the Exhibitor/Sponsor’s expense of $250 for content creation, editing, and uploading.
  • TML reserves the right to edit listings that are missing information, exceed the word limit, or are otherwise objectionable in the opinion of TML.
  • TML will publish Exhibitor/Sponsor listing including company name, service description, website, booth number, and service categories, accessible online through the TML and Conference websites.
  • Exhibitor authorizes TML to capture or record exhibit space, including all persons and property situated therein, and use in any medium (photograph, video, social media, etc.) for any lawful purpose.
Use of Logos and Trademarks
  • Use of the official TML logo is NOT
  • Exhibitor/Sponsor will be provided with the Conference logo upon request to be used only in conjunction with the Conference.
  • Exhibitor/Sponsor will not copy or manipulate TML Conference logos, graphics, or other intellectual property without prior written permission.
  • Exhibitor/Sponsor material must not be misleading about Exhibitor/Sponsor relationship with TML or the Conference, nor indicate or imply that TML or the Conference created the material, or endorses Exhibitor/Sponsor in any way.
Associate Membership and Advertising
  • If Exhibitor/Sponsor is accepting associate membership as part of sponsorship or other agreed-upon participation benefits, Exhibitor/Sponsor agrees to the terms of the TML associate membership policy.
  • When agreeing to advertising benefits or purchase of advertising space, Exhibitor/Sponsor agrees to the terms of the TML advertising policy.
Solicitation Warning
  • WARNING! Exhibitor/Sponsor is very likely to be solicited by non-approved companies claiming to be working for, or affiliated with, TML and/or the Conference.
  • Please beware of false claims and misrepresentation before, during, and after participation at the Conference.
Official Service Contractor
The Expo Group is the official service contractor for the Conference. ​
  • Information and pricing for decor, furniture rental, electrical services, freight shipping, catering, cleaning, etc., will be provided by the official service contractor no less than 60 days before Conference.
  • Exhibitors who plan to use any person or company for installation, dismantling, or exhibit space services, other than the official service contractor, must provide notification to TML.
Cancellation Policy
  • Exhibitor will receive a 50% refund on exhibit space rental for cancellations received by June 28, 2024. No refunds will be given for cancellations received after June 28, unless the Exhibitor application is not accepted by TML.
  • Sponsor may cancel within 48 hours of application submittal for applications received before June 28, 2024 and receive a 75% refund.
  • Sponsor cancellations will NOT be refunded after June 28 unless the application is not accepted by TML, or the Conference is cancelled.
  • If circumstances make it impossible for TML to proceed with an in-person Conference, Exhibitor/Sponsor will receive a 50% refund.
  • If circumstances require that the Conference be cancelled once it has begun, Exhibitor will be charged 50% plus pro rata for exhibit space only for the period it could have been occupied. Sponsor will be charged 50% plus pro rata for any benefits fulfilled prior to cancellation.
Non-Harassment Policy

TML is committed to providing a welcoming, civil, and safe environment for all participants and guests and will not tolerate any form of harassment or offensive conduct by any person toward any of our staff, registrants, guests, or other participants.  Anyone deemed to be in violation of this policy will be required to leave the event and no full or partial refund will be issued. If you wish to report conduct that you believe violates this policy, please visit the Conference registration desk to speak with a TML representative.