2021 Municipal Marketplace FULL

Online Access

With more city officials turning online to find the services and resources they need, TML is building the Municipal Marketplace - a searchable virtual directory.

Personalized Recommendations

Customized list of “can’t miss” companies for attendees to explore and consider. Visitors can receive personalized “Recommended Results” that match their specific interests.

Wealth of Resources

Through the TML Municipal Marketplace, visitors can browse exhibitor and sponsor storefronts, and save products, contacts, collateral, Marketplace specials, and more.


The Marketplace will be open for business and promoted to TML member cities October 14, 2020 thru January 2021, reaching more than 15,000 city officials all across the State!

Storefront options

2020 Marketplace Storefronts can be purchased up until December 30, 2020.
Contact us at exhibits@tml.org to reserve your storefront and learn more!








The TML Municipal Marketplace is an interactive online catalog of municipal resources, services, and products designed and curated for the Texas city official.

The Marketplace will launch in conjunction with the 2020 TML Annual Conference on October 14, and will remain open online until January 31, 2021.

The Marketplace will be promoted and accessible to more than 15,000 TML members through January 2021, regardless of conference registration.

It’s still on! The TML Annual Conference has gone virtual for 2020. Check out those details and registration information here.


Instead of a virtual “booth”, exhibitors receive a Marketplace storefront (or online listing) that can be customized to highlight specific services, resources, products, offerings, expertise, staff, demos, etc.

View a sample storefront here.


Once built and launched, storefronts require no maintenance, staffing, or updating. Just log in to your Exhibitor Dashboard and view the on-demand traffic report to see how it’s going.

Think of your website as a complete representation of what your company has to offer, then select the pieces, products, staff, and collateral that you want to “display” to the city official – like a window display for a retail store.

View a sample storefront here.


The Studio and Main Street storefronts include the collateral upload feature.

Not exactly. But you may promote a video presentation as part of your collateral items, a marketplace special, or as a service spotlight The video itself cannot be uploaded to the storefront, but simply provide a URL that attendees can click to view more.

TML will consistently promote the Marketplace as a valuable resource to our entire membership – through our monthly magazine, Texas Town & City, the TML website, the TML virtual conference, additional training events held throughout the year, weekly member email communications, staff recommendations, word of mouth, and more!

A My Show Planner account allows marketplace visitors to save and connect with your storefront.

Marketplace visitors can view the following features of your storefront without creating a My Show Planner account:

  • Company Logo (if applicable)
  • Company Description
  • Product Categories
  • Website
  • Virtual Business Card photos but NOT their contact information

Visitors will be will be encouraged to create a My Show Planner account. An account is required to view the following storefront features.

  • Virtual Business Card Contact Information
  • Company email information
  • Marketplace Specials
  • Service Spotlights
  • Collateral

Marketplace visitors will have a variety of ways to browse and explore.

Visitors can narrow their search by:

  • Company Name
  • Product Category – each storefront appears in up to 3 of our 22 product categories.
  • Keywords – searching through all of the words in your storefront
  • Marketplace Specials – special offers to city officials visiting the Marketplace
  • Service Spotlights – spotlighted services that are especially beneficial to visitors
  • Featured Storefronts – these are Main Street storefronts. Featured storefronts also appear at the top of search results.
  • Recommendations – visitors are presented with a list of recommended storefronts based on their browsing history each time they return to the Marketplace.

Through a visitor’s My Show Planner account:

When someone creates a My Show Planner account, they are asked to opt YES or NO for sharing their contact information with exhibitors.

If they select YES, their contact information will be stored in your Traffic Report automatically when they:

  • add your storefront or any information from your storefront to their planner
  • download collateral from your storefront
  • or email any of your contacts

Your Traffic Report will provide contact info and a report of their activity (i.e. what they clicked on or saved)

If a Marketplace visitor reaches out to you directly through a Virtual Business Card, your Traffic Report will record this activity and save a copy of the email.

If they select NO, then their information will not be included in your Traffic Report, but their activity will be recorded as a “view” and/or “click”.

Visitors can change their opt-in selection at any time through their My Show Planner account.

(If they originally selected NO, but go back and select YES, then their previous browsing activity will show up in traffic reports).

Access your traffic report and leads at any time by logging in to your exhibitor dashboard.

You’ll receive the report at-a-glance in the top left corner of your exhibitor dashboard every time you log in.

  • Click on any of these stats to see more details.
  • Click on “Leads” for a full report of activity from visitors who explored your storefront.
  • Click on the eyeball icon next to a contact to see a drop down list of their activity.

You can rank and assign leads, make notes, or export to a spreadsheet!

View your email leads by

  • Clicking on the “Traffic Report” tile from your to access a log of all the emails that have been sent through the storefront.
  • Clicking on the date of the email to view a copy of the message.

2020 Storefronts can be reserved until December 30 at the following rates by emailing exhibits@tml.org:

  • Boutique – $1250
  • Studio – $3500
  • Main Street – $5500

Storefronts are also included with all 2020 TML sponsorships. See sponsorship opportunities here.

After reserving your storefront, the TML Exhibits team will send login information for accessing your online exhibitor dashboard to begin building.

The Exhibitor Storefront Manual will guide you through your dashboard features and provide step-by-step instructions for creating your Marketplace storefront.

View a sample storefront here.

As of October 14, 2020, the Marketplace is open 24/7 to all TML members and regularly promoted in TML communications through January 2021.


It will be saved for next year! You’ll be able to access your storefront and refresh your information before the 2021 Conference.

The Marketplace will remain a part of future conferences even as we return to in-person events. What you build this year can simply be revised for 2021.

We’re glad you asked!

Click here to see our September article for Texas Town & City, touting the key Marketplace benefits for our members.

Questions? Contact exhibits@tml.org or (512) 231-7406