2022 Furnishing & Carpeting Your Exhibit Space

carpeting, Furnishing & UtilitIes

Exhibit space DOES NOT include carpeting/surfacing, furnishings, or utilities.
These items are provided by The Expo Group upon purchase.


  • Carpeting or approved surfacing IS REQUIRED for all exhibit spaces with the exception of display vehicles/large equipment (weighing more than 2,000 lbs.).
  • Carpeting or approved surfacing must cover the exact dimensions of exhibit space (standard exhibit space size is 10’ x 10’). Exhibitor must make arrangements to meet these requirements or can order services through TML’s official service contractor.


  • Tables, chairs, wastebaskets and etc. can be provided by the exhibitor, or ordered through the show decorator, The Expo Group.


  • Wi-Fi is NOT included in the Exhibit Hall. Exhibitor will be provided with options to purchase internet or Wi-Fi services exclusively through Smart City.
  • Elden is the exclusive electrical service provider for the convention center. Electricity can be ordered through the Exhibitor Service Manual (available July 15) provided by The Expo Group.