Our History


In the summer of 1913, Austin Mayor A.P. Wooldridge issued a call to the cities of Texas to come to Austin to consider the creation of an association to allow officials to confer on municipal issues. He invited representatives of all Texas cities to a convention in Austin on November 4, 1913. Over 100 years later, we host the largest city official conference in the nation.

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Business Development

The Texas Municipal League (TML) Business Development department works with private sector firms, associations, and agencies to achieve business and marketing objectives through mutually beneficial opportunities and strategic collaborations, while accelerating the mission of the League: 

Empowering Texas cities to serve their citizens.

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Join more than 350 exhibitors to connect with city officials and municipal professionals from all across the State. Spots fill up fast!​

Our goal is to create meaningful experiences for both you and your clientele, and ensure that each sponsor benefit you receive is strategic and valued.​

Reach Texas city officials directly by advertising in Texas Town City, the official publication of Texas Municipal League.​