2020 Exhibitor FAQs

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How many attendees will be at the conference?  We estimate approximately 3,000 appointed and elected city officials in attendance. Additionally we estimate more than 385 exhibiting companies for an additional 1,500 exhibitor personnel, sponsors, and staff.

When will I find out what booth I have been assigned?  The majority of booth reservations are made in April and May, resulting in hundreds of booth requests to review. We carefully review the applications and individually assign each booth space.  We will then notify exhibitors of their booth assignments on June 15. Exhibitors making booth reservations after the initial June 15 announcement will be notified of their assignment within one week.

What is included with the booth space?  Only the space and an allotment of exhibit hall passes are included with the rental of booth space. With the exception of islands, each exhibit space will be separated by draping. Booth pricing does NOT include carpeting and basic booth furnishings or utilities. Carpeting is required for all booth spaces under 20 x 20. Our show decorator offers a “show special” package that includes carpeting, a draped table, two chairs, and a wastebasket for approximately $280 per 10 x 10 booth space. When ordered by itself, carpeting is approximately $201 per 10 x 10. Exhibitors have the option of ordering carpeting and furnishings through the show decorator or may bring in their own carpeting or approved floor covering and furnishings. Details and ordering information will be sent to each exhibitor after confirmation of booth space. Internet access is NOT included with the booth space. Internet access can be ordered through the Online Service Manual. If you require Internet access for your exhibit and need an estimate, please contact TML before reserving your booth space.

When will I be able to order furnishings?  The show decorator, The Expo Group, will begin contacting all confirmed exhibitors on July 6. Exhibitors signing up after that time will be contacted by The Expo Group within one week of reserving their booth space.

Why aren’t furnishings included with the booth space?  Not all exhibitors require the same furnishings and some prefer to bring in their own. Instead of raising the booth rental fee by including standard furnishings for all booths, we allow exhibitors the option to decide for themselves what and how much they need.

Why is carpeting required but not provided?  Carpeting is required on all booths under 20 x 20, or any booth space 20 x 20 and greater that is not displaying a vehicle(s) or heavy equipment (1,000 lbs. and over) for the safety of exhibitors and attendees, as well as comfort of the exhibitors who are on their feet most of the day. Carpeted inline booths also maintain a professional aesthetic of the show. Additionally, many exhibitors have their own branded carpeting, want to select a special color or quality of carpeting, or request to bring in their own flooring, especially if it relates to their product in some way. Including carpeting with the booth would increase the booth rental fee for everyone. Show Management has opted to allow exhibitors to select their own carpeting or flooring options.

Does the convention center have Wi-Fi?  Wif-Fi is available for limited and free only in public spaces of the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center. Internet is not included with your booth. Please click here for the Exhibitor internet access options, provided through Gaylord Texan, the exclusive provider of IT & Utility Services at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center.

Are exhibitor meals provided?  While refreshments and snacks are served in the exhibit hall every few hours (listed in the final conference program), full meals are not provided. Concessions are open throughout the convention center during the conference for exhibitors and attendees to purchase additional coffee, food, and snacks. There are restaurants located within the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center. A list of these restaurants will be available at Exhibitor Information located on the show floor.

Exhibitors also have the option of contacting the Gaylord Texan to make arrangements to feed their staff at their booth at designated times. Catering information and order forms are included in the Exhibitor Service Manual, provided by The Expo Group.

As an exhibitor, can I attend the conference educational sessions or ticketed events?  Exhibitors wanting to attend sessions or ticketed events will need to register for the conference at www.tmlconference.org. The booth space includes an allotment of exhibit hall passes only; it does not include registration to attend the conference.

How can I increase traffic to my booth?  Exhibitors are strongly encouraged to promote their participation before and during the conference to increase awareness of their presence at the event, generate interest in their products and services, and ultimately increase traffic to their booth space. We have outlined several opportunities for accomplishing this on any budget at Exhibitor Marketing Opportunities. We also offer complimentary exhibitor training and tips with information on how to make the most of your time at the show. Our friendly exhibits staff can also help you navigate the exhibitor marketing opportunities to find the right fit for your needs.

What’s the best way to organize a prize giveaway? Exhibitors are allowed to host prize giveaways at their booth space. This is most commonly done by collecting business cards or prize forms at the booth and then contacting the winner after the show, or posting the winner to the show’s “prize board” located near Exhibitor Information. Delegates will check the prize board to see if they’ve won and, if applicable, will pick up their winnings at your booth.

Prohibiteda company offering or a city official accepting any gift valued at $50 or more.
Prohibiteda company offering or a city official accepting cash or gift cards of any value.
Click here for a full explanation of the law.

Can I host a reception or happy hour for conference delegates? Yes. The organizing and promoting of these events is entirely up to the exhibitor. Exhibitors will oftentimes host a reception or happy hour at a nearby restaurant or hotel after conference hours. You may promote the event by passing out invitations at your booth space or by using the Exhibitor Marketing Opportunities.

What do I do when I arrive?  (Privately Owned) Vehicles may arrive at the Exhibit Hall Loading Docks beginning at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, October 13, to unload their vehicles before parking.

  • Each vehicle will have approximately 15 minutes to unload. Moving freight from the loading dock to the booth space is the exhibitor’s responsibility.
  • Arrangements for labor or shipping should be made in advance through The Expo Group. Otherwise, please come prepared to move your materials from the dock to your booth on your own.
  • Exhibitors are encouraged to ship their freight through The Expo Group to avoid congestion or delays.

Please refer to the Online Exhibitor Service Manual for directions to the Loading Dock and additional parking and shipping information.

  • After delivering freight to the booth and parking, exhibitors should pick up badges and conference materials at Exhibitor Registration located directly outside the Exhibit Hall entrance.

Large equipment and vehicles will move in on Monday, October 12, by individual appointments scheduled by The Expo Group.

The show opens at Noon on Wednesday, October 14. Why are exhibitors asked to set up the day before?  The number of details involved in setting up a booth space can be unpredictable: traffic to the convention center, finding parking, bringing in or tracking down booth freight, checking in at exhibitor registration, printing booth badges, finding your booth, making sure your furnishings/ carpeting/ electricity, etc. are all set up to your specifications, troubleshooting any issues with the booth, unpacking collateral, and setting up your display. Many of these steps can present additional obstacles that are outside of the exhibitor’s control. We recommend taking care of everything the day before the show so you can fully focus on networking with attendees at the Exhibit Hall Grand Opening on Wednesday.